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Release dates of some anticipated games

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky
August 29, 2008

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
August 31, 2008

September 7,2008

Crysis Warhead
September 16, 2008

Witcher: Enhanced Edition
September 16, 2008

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
September 23, 2008

Far Cry 2
October 1, 2008

Project Origin
October 1, 2008

Fallout 3
October 7, 2008

Saints row 2
October 14, 2008

Dead Space
October 21, 2008

Comand and Conquer:Red Alert 3
October 2008(not comfirmed)

Left 4 Dead

November 20, 2008

November 9, 2008

Call of Duty: World at War
November 11, 2008

Mirror's Edge
November 11, 2008

Prince of Persia
November 18, 2008

Tomb Raider Underworld
November 18, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV
November 18, 2008

NFS Undercover
November 18, 2008

Diablo 3
November- December,2008
(not comfirmed)

Prey 2
December 2009

Featured Site

Generation SPORE is here! and released

This is the dawn of a new genre or what!!! This is a revolutionary game , with all new concept
put to it and the production guys really worked hard to make it interactive.

But as they say Spore is a multi-genre "massively single-player online game"developed by Maxis and designed by Will Wright. It allows a player to control the evolution of a species from its beginnings as a unicellular organism, through development as an intelligent and social creature, to interstellar exploration as a spacefaring culture. It has drawn wide attention for its massive scope, and its use of open-ended gameplay and procedural generation.
This game gives an in depth knowledge about the ecosystem and how an organism plays
its role in shaping it!!!! Guess what can fully customise your organism with
Spore Creature Creator and Uncover information about each creature's origin in the
Sporepedia and other in-game activity.

The Cell phase. The monstrously large creatures in the background will come to the foreground as the player's organism slowly grows and evolves.

The first phase of existence, the cell phase, is sometimes referred to as the tide pool, cellular, or microbial phase. The player guides simple protean microbes around in a 3D environment on a single 2D plane where it must deal with fluid dynamics and predators, while eating weaker microbes or plants. The player may choose whether the creature is an herbivore or a carnivore prior to starting the phase.Once the microbe has eaten several cells, the player can enter an editor in which they can modify the appearance, shape, and abilities of the microbe by spending "DNA points". A player may choose to remove some part from the microbe, which will refund some DNA points. If the creature dies, the player may restart from an earlier phase or point in the game.The player must also seek out special "golden shields" from meteor fragments and other organisms that provide new parts for the player to use in the editor, such as spikes, mouths or limbs.The phase consists of five stages, which are halved themselves; every half-stage, the creature grows larger, and former predators become harmless or even prey to a player's carnivore cell creature.

Creature phase: Venture onto dry land and help your creature learn and evolve with forays away from your safe haven. Carnivore or Herbivore? Social or Independent? The choice is yours.

Tribal phase: Instead of controlling an individual creature, you are now caring for an entire tribe of your genetic craftwork. Give them tools and guide their interactions as you slowly upgrade their state of existence.

City phase: Bring your creatures' race into a new golden era by building up the technology, architecture, and infrastructure of their city.

Civilization phase: Once your city is established, your creatures begin seeking out and interacting with other cultures. You can have them do so with an olive branch or a war cry-either way, the goal for your creatures is to unify the planet.

Space phase: The time has come to move on to other worlds in your solar system. Make first-contact, colonize, or terraform, then venture further to find other solar systems scattered throughout a magnificently rendered galaxy. A 'mission' structure provides new goals and paths to follow as you begin to spread through the universe.

# A suite of flexible, intuitive creation tools leverages the creative imagination of the player. Creating an entire universe of creatures, plants, buildings, vehicles and planets has never been so easy or so fun. An infinite variety of design choices is just the beginning.

The world you explore is populated with creatures, plants, buildings and vehicles developed by other gamers and downloaded from a central database. The server chooses creatures and civilizations that best match your chosen environment, your experience level, and your creature's ability. In turn, your creatures are uploaded to the server to be shared with other gamers.

With procedural animation, your creatures and vehicles move based on how you construct them. They behave and interact based on your input and by their in-game encounters. That means there's no pre-determined path you must follow-the game evolves based on your decisions.

The in-depth gameplay video is right here!


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