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Release dates of some anticipated games

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky
August 29, 2008

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
August 31, 2008

September 7,2008

Crysis Warhead
September 16, 2008

Witcher: Enhanced Edition
September 16, 2008

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
September 23, 2008

Far Cry 2
October 1, 2008

Project Origin
October 1, 2008

Fallout 3
October 7, 2008

Saints row 2
October 14, 2008

Dead Space
October 21, 2008

Comand and Conquer:Red Alert 3
October 2008(not comfirmed)

Left 4 Dead

November 20, 2008

November 9, 2008

Call of Duty: World at War
November 11, 2008

Mirror's Edge
November 11, 2008

Prince of Persia
November 18, 2008

Tomb Raider Underworld
November 18, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV
November 18, 2008

NFS Undercover
November 18, 2008

Diablo 3
November- December,2008
(not comfirmed)

Prey 2
December 2009

Featured Site

Little Big Planet Can't be Real !

A game that has been confirmed for October 21 in US has been kicking around in the public consciousness since the Game Developers Conference last year, LittleBigPlanet takes a novel approach to hyping an entertainment product--simply let the concept speak for itself. At every one of its public showings--GDC, E3, Tokyo Game Show, Leipzig's Game Convention, and Sony's own London Gamers' Day--crowds of gamers and media have been enraptured by this unique product.

The team at developer Media Molecule has finished putting the polishing touches on the 50 or so levels that will ship on the game disc. Here is a little of the single-player campaign but spent most of our time mucking around with the level creator, attempting to build something from scratch.

If you can think it up, chances are you can create it in LittleBigPlanet from your own sackboy, which acts as your in-game avatar to a Final Fantasy villain Sephiroth, complete with miniature wooden sword or a subdued Solid Snake for an onscreen character, with a camo suit and cardboard-box headgear.

You have the creative freedom to go as minimalist or over the top as you like.LBP is an incredibly social game, so it makes sense that the team at Media Molecule is including trophy support to let gamers show off to their friends onlline.Switching out a few items of clothing was enough to unlock a trophy in play. Rewards play a pivotal role in LBP, and throughout the game you'll come across bubbles containing unlockable items. Collecting these will grant you new costumes, premade items that you can place in your own levels, and objects that can be used in the creation of custom levels, such as backgrounds, music, and templates. You'll even have the option to create custom items and share them with your friends and with strangers by offering them as prizes for completing your homemade levels, for achieving a certain score, or for finishing within a certain amount of time.

The early part of the single-player game is ostensibly a glorified tutorial, giving you an indication of what you'll be doing in the remainder of the game. Here you get a chance to familiarise yourself with the three planes of depth--the foreground, middle ground, and background of any given level--that you'll need to traverse between using the analog stick. Your sackboy is also clever, so jumping between two planes will see you land safely where you intended.The sticker beast--who looks like Henry the Eighth wearing sneakers--follows you until he reaches a trigger point, which causes a collectible item bubble to be released. Once you pick it up, it unlocks a new costume element for you to try on.

LittleBigPlanet imposes very few restrictions on you as the creator, though it's worth mentioning that even with a relatively small palette of objects and materials at your disposal, it can be a daunting experience. Having so much creative control and being able to complete goals using many different approaches is a bit like being given the keys to the city and then told you can do anything. Where do you even start? Our first hour was spent considering what we wanted to make and then attempting to make a prototype of a couple of ideas.

Because LBP is so heavily physics driven you'll need to think a few steps ahead and at times work in reverse to build platforms for other items to sit on.Pressing down on the D pad engages the hover mode, which you'll use to zoom around your level untethered. One or both can be disabled when you're ready, and you can try out your physics playground in real time to make sure everything is working as intended.

Custom items, such as images captured using the PlayStation Eye camera and then placed in your level, will attract a higher space charge, although the sheer size of the levels we saw being made in both height, width, and complexity shouldn't leave too many of you wanting for more space.There is a material list spanning cardboard, wood, rubber, metal, sponge, stone, glass, and dark matter. But between these and the freedom to pick and alter shapes, you'll be able to start building your jumping puzzle, trebuchet, or skateboard ramp in no time.

LittleBigPlanet's October 21 birth on the PlayStation 3 is beginning to loom,from what was presented before,it is faithfull to say that the development team at Media Molecule to ship a cracker of a title.

While Media Molecule is a new outfit, its founders have a history of working on ambitious or innovative games. They first struck out on their own with the procedurally animated Rag Doll Kung Fu, and before that worked for Peter Molyneux's notoriously ambitious Lionhead Studios.So i guess this October will be GREAT !